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Tri-X Stand Shooting Systems!
Tripod Rifle Gun Rests


Our professional line of rifle rests are the real deal for quick pinpoint shooting that will get the job done better then any others! These are not the flimsy production made rests others sell as tripod shooting rests!  These are custom made shooting rests that pivot fluently in all directions with pin point accuracy an hold any heavy hunting target rifle.  Check them out and never look back and say I should have purchased a real shooting rests.

Hunters with a shooting disability. We have some great adaptive shooting equipment that will fill a lot of your needs.

Check out our PRODUCTS page!

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Compare the Red LED flashlight Power before you purchase another light!

Light Calculations Standardized helpful information

The lights that are sold on this site use the standard calculations for distance calculations.
Calculations are done with a lux meter reading at 3 meters.
This is the standard distance used by most light builders today.
This distance gives the light waves some distance to settle down and give the correct lux readings for easy calculations.

Any other caculation method will only confuse the buyer!!!

Light Dealers know this method for calculating lux of their lights. With this information it is easy to compare lights.

If you can not get this same caculations and information from a light dealer you might want to look at another distributer.
Just ask them to give you the lux reading at 3 meeters, 3 meeters is 118.11 inches from the lux meeter.

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2013-2014 Carnivore Custom Hunting Lights

Okay, here we are again close to the start of another predator hunting year. Well, just as it has been the last couple years, I seem to find or try out new and better hunting lights every year. This year I found a new friend that would build me a line of lights worthy to continue the line of Carnivore Custom Hunging Lights to the next level. With his help, I currently have the the best line of lights I have ever seen for night hunting. I know that is a big statement, but they really are that good!!

This new line of custom lights are priced with out any batteries, chargers or shipping. Batteries, chargers and accessories are sold separately. These lights are custom modified lights and cost me more than Chinese assembled lights. I have kept these light prices as low as possible. I use American labor to assemble these higher quality lights.


    Carnivore Red Led Headlight

This new headlight sells for $120.

This light puts out 12,000 lux on high and 3,000 lux on low. 12,000 Lux is 5 times more powerful then any head light currently sold today. The focus is not adjustable. This is the most versatile head light ever made. This light on low power is great in tight woods shooting or for those light shy critters. Or on high power you can scan and shoot the biggest fields with ease. This light on low power is a great light for the shotgun hunter in the woods or those critters that some people think are light shy. On high power this is the best long range head scanning light you can buy today.

    Carnivore Adjustable Focus Red Led Hunting Light

This light sells for $130.

This is a small single battery adjustable focus flashlight that puts out around 500 lux when wide open beam and up to 25,000 lux when focused to a nice tight beam. For reference on light output, it is 3 times more powerful then the most popular selling flashlight on the market. If you need an all around hand held scanning light or shotgun or rifle mount light this flashlight cannot be matched by any other light sold today.

    Carnivore Magnum Red Led Hunting Light

This light sells for $140.

This is a two battery flashlight that has some really cool stuff and is very powerful. This is the most powerful full size bean flashlight you may ever use or need. This light has a high, med, low for hunting.  This light also has strobe and sos if you want to use then. Just set the light for any type of hunting conditions brightness you need. Just pushing the light button half the way in changes the light settings.  If you need to go to high power in a hurry you just push the button the whole way on and off and you go right to high power. This light on high is over 28,000 lux and it is not a small focused beam like the adjustable focus type lights. This is the best rifle light I have ever seen.

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Brown Bear

I love this kind of reports!

This brown bear was shot off one of your Tri-X-Stand tripods.
Would not of been able to do it with out it!

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Carnivore lights and kills

Carnivore lights will they up your kill, Yes but you have to understand night hunting and the critters you are after. The light is just one tool.
So, do you want to up your kills, read on closely and do not take what others have said as fact. You do not even have to take what I say as fact if you want a real long learning curve and small kills. You choose.
First of all, good hunters know the habits of the critters they are after and there weak spots. So study the critter you are after in real study’s and not what joe blow told somebody. If you study real facts and lean to use them facts in the field you will be far ahead in the learning curve in a shorter time. For example I can spot each critters habitat just by driving by a spot and can pick a stand point at the same time. Why so easy, because I understand what they need to live and what I need in a stand to kill them. From years of study and in the field experience I am able to do this most of the time. Learn this as we go along, read as much real study’s on animals as possible. It will sift the wheat from the chaff.
Learning some information will take more then one writing from me. I will try to help others that have a true burning desire to be good at this sport. I will have to do a wright up on some of this information at different times. There just is too much in one setting for me to say. If you want you can email me and I will try to include your answere to your question in the write up if I feel it has merit.
Anyhow lets move along.
Understanding lights and the out put will help. I have done some testing on the distance hunters can kill at night and found that most hunters kills are under 100 yards. Most hunters can not shoot any farther in the day light under rushed conditions let alone at night. So this will give you an idea of what range most hunters can shoot and what light power you need to run. As you get better your range will increase. It is just a progression that happens when you want to get better.
Most red led hunting lights sold will let you identify a critter at 100 yards. If you are a good shooter you may want to shoot out to 200 or maybe 300 yards but there are only a few hunters that can do that and they are not your average hunter and use professional shooting equipment. The guys that have big numbers of kills can all shoot over 250 yards at night if they need to take the shot. The guys that kill a lot do not miss a lot either or there numbers of kills would be small. These long distance shooters need a better light then most people. Also they do not shoot with a small tight beam of light. They use full size lights that have long throws and a big beam. These types of lights put out over 24000 lux. and are the a real 300 yard shooting light with a good scope. Example, A kill light that most talk about puts out 9000 lux in a small area of the bean. This is good for 150 yard shots and is ok for most hunters but will be hard to idea critters in brush or with out a clean background. So here is a reference on light output I feel is needed. These are a minimum at these distances of red light. At 100 yards most need around 7000 lux. At 200 yards around 10000 lux At 250 yards 1600 lux and at 300 yards 20000 lux. Tested out put at 3 meters, Remember these are the minimum! I will touch on lights on and off for a wile in some of these sections. To shorten your learning curve, I have never used a red light that is to bright. If a critter spooks something was wrong before the light spooked them. The light was just the last straw that the critter could not take. So if they spook figure out what you are doing wrong. They were nervous about something you are doing wrong. It could have been they might have had a light whiff of you but not sure were you were and what direction to scoot out on. Maybe hitting them with the light just confirmed there uneasiness and was the last trigger to spook them. There are a lot of reasons critters run off but it is not a red light.
I know this is hard for people to believe that they them self caused the problem. But once a hunters understand this you will kill more and start having more confidence in your light and start learning more about a better stand location and what is needed to have a good stand location. Stand location and the path to it, is one of the most important things to get a good shot. Notice I said to get a good shot. Always pick a spot if possible that you would pick if you wanted to control the area for defense. That is the best way I can say it. Get the picture. Even if in a tight area keep that in mind. You want to be in control of the area. Now with that stand fact you need to understand air currents and ground currents.
This will be we’re I end this for now.
I will pick up on air currents and ground currents and other stuff in my next information post.
Welcome to the adventures of carnivore calling.

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Hunting the Elusive PA Bobcat

Hunting the Elusive PA Bobcat
A challenge I set for myself.
What a great way to learn about the outdoors and Bobcat habitat is on the trail for the secretive bobcat.
This was an exciting and interesting challenge for me to complete. Not living near Bobcats, it is important to have great friends that can help find bobcats to hunt in there habitat. I am sure me and my friends have learned a lot about bobcats over the years wile I pursued the elusive Bobcat. Thanks to all my friends that have traveled many of my ghost cat trails into the woods at night over the years with me and made this a much more enjoyable challenge and I now have knowledge and stories that will last a lifetime. A special thanks to my friend Jeff Millinder and his family, it has been a hoot.


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Carnivore 5 RED led light

Well this year I will be using a new night hunting light again, called the Carnivore 5. This light was hand picked by me. I wanted a light that had a lot more flood effect and a light with a huge beam and long throw. This light gets that all done with a factory rated 1200 lumens of RED led light. It has every thing I wanted. With this much light it goes through 2 18650 in a little over an hour. But there is so much light that I do not mind that. I can still get four stands done with two batteries in that time if I let it run the whole time while on stands. If i just use it for shooting two batteries would last all night. Besides it comes with SIX 3000 mah rechargeable batteries. :-)
Carnivore 5 sells for $124 and that includes shipping.
Check them out at.



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DCPC Varmint Hunts

Dan Cattaneo
DCPC varmint hunts
You will love his page. Killing is his business and business is good.









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Since the invention of fire

I have had good comments, but this one says it all!!

I have one of your Tri-X-stands. I must say. That is not the best thing invented since sliced bread. That is the best thing since they invented fire.

Alfred Kaufman

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Red fox hunting

Testing the Carnivore 5 Red led light
One nights kill !! Tri-X-Stand Rifle Rests
Brian Downs : Ernie Wilson


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Tom Purvis best fishing equipment

Tom is a local hunting and fishing enthusiasm that makes the best soft baits along with hand made fishing lures,sinkers and hook setups around at great prices. Give him a call for small and large orders. You will be glad you found this guy if you are interested saving money and getting the best there is. 570-939-0030


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Dillon premium calling Instruments


Griz-n-Grey is a bellows type call that is for gray fox and Raccoon. This call is so easy to use that even a person that has never called in any predators can now head afield with confidence. Just shake it and lightly and it puts out some great sounds. Even though they state it is for gray fox and raccoon it will call in anything that hears it. They seam a little salty at $39 but you will soon see it was money well spent. You will love this call.


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Prairie Dog Shooting Rifle Rest


These rifle rests are a prairie dog and night hunters best friend. You can acquire your targets faster with more proficient accuracy then any other rifle rest on the market, bar none. You can move these light weight rifle rest with no effort to prairie dog towns and set up in seconds. No heave lifting with these rifle rests at just 12 pounds. You can even put carpet in the bed of your truck and stand up and have a high rack type shooting set up in seconds that can shoot 360 degrees. No more heavy expensive bulky hight racks being drug around on your truck when you do not need it. Check them out and never look back to the old shooting methods.

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