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Hello, my name is Ernie Wilson and I would like to welcome you to my web-site. I feel very fortunate having enjoyed the outdoors and predator hunting all of my life. When I was a young boy, my uncle was a fur buyer. He was a good friend and kept me headed in the right direction with hunting, trapping, and many other outdoor activities. My good friends and family have always been hunters and still are today as I reach age 60. Over the years, I have enjoyed being a custom predator call maker and competing in professional calling contests. In 2011, I was the second place winner of the distress division in the World Predator Calling Championship in Perry, Georgia. I also competed in the World Predator Calling Championship in 2008 held in Overland Park, Kansas, and I placed in the top three at the contest. In 2008, I was the first place winner of the first ever Pennsylvania Predator Calling Competition. I have been actively involved in the Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Association having held many offices over the years including president. I have enjoyed organizing and running predator hunting contests. Also, I have enjoyed pursuing predators in many states including Texas, Kansas, Arizona, and my home state of Pennsylvania. One of my most proud accomplishments has been the development of the Tri-X Stand Rifle Rest Shooting System which you can find on this web-site. Recently, I have decided to offer predator hunting gear, in addition to, my custom calls and Tri-X Stand. I have enjoyed purchasing and using most predator hunting products on the market today. I have frequently felt some products had shortcomings while others, although very good, could be further improved. Today, my wife Marian and I make and sell products that I personally feel are the very best on the market. We also do our best to offer our products at a working man’s price. I am constantly seeking to develop new and better products for the predator hunter, so please check back on my web-site periodically. Predator hunting is my passion and I am not in the market to maximize my income by selling a high volume of products with a significant mark up in price. My philosophy is instead to sell the absolute very best products a predator hunter can use and to sell them for the best prices possible. Thank you for looking at my web-site and considering investing in the products I offer. Please feel free to contact Marian or myself with any questions, ideas, or feedback. Wishing you a very safe and successful predator hunting season in 2013/2014. ​​​​​​​​​Ernie Wilson ​​​​​​​​​July 4, 2013

Prairie Dog Shooting Rifle Rest

These rifle rests are a prairie dog and night hunters best friend. You can acquire your targets faster with more proficient accuracy then any other rifle rest on the market, bar none. You can move these light weight rifle rest … Continue reading

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Quick shot

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Cliff knocking down Red Fox

Here is another hunter that knows shooting red fox requires a good rest.

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Cold weather long range shooting

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Red Fox hunting

To have high numbers of red fox kills the experienced hunters are shooting most of the animals they call in, if not there numbers would not be high.  These guys also spend tons of money on guns, lights, rests and … Continue reading

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Good Shooting Equipment

To shoot like these guys you need a good shooting rests and spotting scopes. As you see these guys like the Tri-X-Stand shooting rest for there shooting. Dale and Glen Fry are in Cameron County, PA. They also use two … Continue reading

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A cool introduction to Scurry Outdoors site I like.      

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What traps should I pick?

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Snake Hunt

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Youth field day

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Welcome to AMERICAN MADE RIFLE RESTS Tri-X Stand Shooting Systems! Tripod Rifle Gun Rests               Our professional line of rifle rests are the real deal for quick pinpoint shooting that will get the job done … Continue reading

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2010 Ranger Tri-X-Stand Hunting Rest Video Perfection Company

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