Prairie Dog Shooting Rifle Rest


These rifle rests are a prairie dog and night hunters best friend. You can acquire your targets faster with more proficient accuracy then any other rifle rest on the market, bar none. You can move these light weight rifle rest with no effort to prairie dog towns and set up in seconds. No heave lifting with these rifle rests at just 12 pounds. You can even put carpet in the bed of your truck and stand up and have a high rack type shooting set up in seconds that can shoot 360 degrees. No more heavy expensive bulky hight racks being drug around on your truck when you do not need it. Check them out and never look back to the old shooting methods.

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Quick shot

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Cliff knocking down Red Fox

Here is another hunter that knows shooting red fox requires a good rest.


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Cold weather long range shooting


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Red Fox hunting


To have high numbers of red fox kills the experienced hunters are shooting most of the animals they call in, if not there numbers would not be high.  These guys also spend tons of money on guns, lights, rests and calls. They also spend lots of hours scouting and shooting before there hunts. So when preparing for a hunt, These hunters also shoot off the same rest at the range that they will hunt with in the field. So scouting and shooting is what the guys who shoot high numbers of red fox spend most of there time on, calling is the least on there list of things needed to do before a hunt.

Check out the Tri-X-Shooting rest by and become a better shot when it counts.

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Good Shooting Equipment


To shoot like these guys you need a good shooting rests and spotting scopes. As you see these guys like the Tri-X-Stand shooting rest for there shooting. Dale and Glen Fry are in Cameron County, PA. They also use two spotting scopes mounted in a custom frame and use them like binoculars. So not only can they now see far they can now shoot far.

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A cool introduction to Scurry Outdoors site I like.




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What traps should I pick?


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Snake Hunt


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Youth field day


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Welcome to



Tri-X Stand Shooting Systems!
Tripod Rifle Gun Rests








Our professional line of rifle rests are the real deal for quick pinpoint shooting that will get the job done better then any others! These are not the flimsy production made rests others sell as tripod shooting rests!  These are custom made shooting rests that pivot fluently in all directions with pin point accuracy.  Check them out and never look back and say I should have purchased a real shooting rest.

Check out our PRODUCTS page!

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2010 Ranger Tri-X-Stand Hunting Rest

Video Perfection Company

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