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EWCalls “Tri-X-Stands” Rifle Rests

3A) Prairie Dog Shooting Rest American Made

These rifle rests are a prairie dog and night hunters best friend. You can acquire your targets faster with more proficient accuracy then any other rifle rest on the market, bar none. You can move these light weight  rifle rest with no effort to prairie dog towns and setup in seconds. No heavy lifting with these rifle rests at just 12 pounds. You can even put carpet in the bed of your truck and stand up and have a high rack type shooting set up in seconds that can shoot 360  degrees. No more heavy expensive bulky hight racks being drug around on your truck when you do not need it. The 2114 models come with arm support and bracket on top for any use you may want.  Check them out and never look back to the old shooting methods.
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4A) Ranger Deluxe

Ranger Deluxe” Tri-X-Stands Tripod Shooting Rifle Gun Rest


As with all the Tri-X Sand shooting rests these are for the shooter that likes unparalleled confidence in every shot, especially when missing is not an option!  Both at moving or standing targets in demanding conditions, your shot confidence will increase, and so will your hits. This rest also allows for your hands to be free on stand wile the rest cradles your rifle.

These gun rests can be used in any position a person can think of in the field, including the standard prone, setting, kneeling, or standing positions. They cradle the forearm and stock with out any worries of damage to your fine rifle, bow or shotgun. Shooting equipment can be strapped in for handicapped shooters or simply to reduce felt recoil for younger shooters or people that flinch when they shoot.

This shooting system keeps the gun and gun rest level, even while the tripod itself may not be. Try doing that with any other gun rest and you will see quickly the advantage of this shooting system, especially in the uneven terrain that we all hunt and live in.

The shooting rest movement movements can be set easily with one knob, and can be adjusted to suit the shooter. It will move up, down, right, or left, fluently and remain pointed at your targets direction after you let go of the gun. Once you set the tension to your own sweet spot, you will never have a need to make adjustments or turn knobs wile shooting. This Keeps your full attention on making a good shot. However, if you want to change the resistance, simply just turn one knob to your preference.

Stand out features on the Ranger Deluxe Tri-X-Stand™ Shooting system, 2011 models:

  1. Rear weapon rest supports are designed of rubber and aluminum, that can be slid forwards or backwards to fit any gun length.
  2. Rear weapon rubber support are also designed to be bent in or out to fit to your weapon snugly.
  3. Rear weapon rest area is protected by 3/8 inch rubber base in the area your rifle or crossbow sets on.
  4. Front weapon rest is cradle by a leather ProTector model rifle rest, there is no finer leather rest made and is manfactured in the USA
  5. The top shooting platform can be slid forwards or backwards to suite your shooting style or to place your weapons center of weight over the tripod rest dead center. This makes your weapon feel almost weightless when you’re tracking a moving target.
  6. The top shooting platform can be easily taken off for storage or transportation.
  7. The shooting rail has slots on all four sides which allows you to mount lights, camera, spotting scope, or just about any thing you can think of.
  8. Entire shooting system movement is controlled by one knob.  This knob controls the up, down, right, and left swivel movement. You can set these movements to your liking and not have to adjust it again for hunting and shooting conditions. This alone will allow you to concentrate on your shot and nothing else.
  9. You can shoot with bench rest accuracy in any position, such as lying down, standing up, on any uneven ground condition encountered in the field without needing to adjust the legs.
  10. These rifle rests can be lowered and shot from as low as 12 inches off the ground or raised up to 65 inches of the ground and any were in between. This will cover any shooting height a hunter, law enforcement, or sharp shooter will ever need with bench rest accuracy and it only weights 11.5 lb.
  11. The Ranger Deluxe Tripods now come with ProTector leather front gun rest.
  12. Rest includes one 8 inch adjustable top bracket for spotting scope or camera.
  13. 1 inch wide shoulder carrying strap and leg strap.
  14. Completely assembled weight 12.1/2 lbs,
  15. Rifle rest is now Powdered coated in black and green.
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E7) Standard Leather Front Rifle Rest Bag

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Rubber Rear Rest

This is the new type of rear rest fits all my Tri-X-Stand rifle rest. Just remove the old nylon webbing rest and slide on the new rubber rest. Helps make your gun more stable and adds more versatility to different shooting methods and will last forever. I 20150623_155235

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