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AR-15 Tri-X-Stands Tripod Shooting  Powder coated Rifle Rest

As with all the Tri-X Sand shooting rests these are for the shooter that likes unparalleled confidence in every shot, especially when missing is not an option!  Both at moving or standing targets in demanding conditions, your shot confidence will increase, and so will your hits. This rest also allows for your hands to be free on stand wile the rest cradles your rifle.

These gun rests can be used in any position a person can think of in the field, including the standard prone, setting, kneeling, or standing positions. They cradle the forearm and stock with out any worries of damage to your fine rifle, bow or shotgun. Shooting equipment can be strapped in for handicapped shooters or simply to reduce felt recoil for younger shooters or people that flinch when they shoot.

This shooting system keeps the gun and gun rest level, even while the tripod itself may not be. Try doing that with any other gun rest!!! You will see quickly the advantage of this shooting system especially in the uneven terrain that we all hunt and live in!!

The shooting rest movements can be set easily with one knob, and can be adjusted to suit the shooter. It will move up, down, right, or left, fluently and remain pointed at your targets direction even after you let go of the gun. Once you set the tension to your own sweet spot, you will never have a need to make adjustments or turn knobs wile shooting. This Keeps your full attention on making a good shot. However, if you want to change the resistance, simply just turn one knob to your new preference.

This is a powder-coated  AR-15

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